Doom Rock Creative Artwork

3 Oct

Doom Rock Most of his artwork is from imagination and self expression, even though most personal work is done with traditional mediums, he uses and incorporates new technology for web development and graphic design. He is always seeking challenging projects to expand my artistic repertoire. With a simple, friendly and recognizable trait, he invites us to discover his staging of objects of daily life, taking another dimension with his items.

Collection of iOS 7 PSD Templates for iPhone App Developers

24 Sep

iOS 7 PSD A Photoshop template of GUI elements found release of iOS 7. This PSD is based on the beta, so be aware that design decisions you’ll be making when using this file will need to change as the OS becomes more refined.

How To Create A Water Lily In Illustrator

11 Sep

Water Lily Water lilies are beautiful flowers and ideal tutorial material. To get to our result, we’ll be doing a lot of clever actions, mostly rotating and duplicating, and we’ll have a lot of room for experimentation as well. For instance, we can try out different way.


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