Minimalist Business Cards Designs

As the common saying goes, “Less is more”. It is easy to discover that minimalist business cards, with very few elements and colors, are becoming more and more popular. Some of you may think that such a business card design will be rather boring. While actually, it only becomes boring for the mind that is uncreative.

“Minimalist” here doesn’t mean “simple” only, “creative” is required as well. The layout, material and typography are the elements for you to make your minimalist business cards stand out. The following are some great examples, enjoy.

One thought on “Minimalist Business Cards Designs

  1. Too much content can clutter a card and take away from good minimalist design. Businesses who do most of their business online can choose to use only their name and web address. However, others who need to include a physical address and phone numbers might consider printing on both sides. You can use one side for a minimalist design, and the other can hold all of the necessary content.


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